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Monday, 26 September 2011

st moriz fake tan original

I have been using this once a week for abour 3 years now and when i started using it  not many people had heard of it and i was paying i think i was £6.99 online for it because no shops sold it but what made me buy it actually was my mum buying the wrong fake tan when i asked her to get me st tropez which i had been using for about a year prior to this so as you can probaly tell i was not a happy bunny when this arrived in the post BUT I love it it goes on perfect and no  matter how patchy it looks when i put it on as long as my whole body has one cover it will be even when I shower the next day and it isn't extremely dark that i look orange and now i can buy it for £3 ten times less than i was paying for st tropez online so im very empressed and if your a first time fake tanner i reccomend it and if your not go on give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised. I would also advise you use goves though because like most fake tan it stains your hands.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Just thought i would ask a question as i really want a new nail varnish and stuck on one to get so what are you favourite nail varnishes? makes and colours please :) .
My mum actually gave me this mascara becuse as most older women dosen't like change but she thought she would try it and surprise suprise went back to her old one but i really like this i used to use the black one which im not sure what it is called and don't have a spare one near to tell me and i had my heart set on it and always said no im not changing it but anyway I thought i would try it out as it didn't cost me anything and I LOVE IT i prefer it to my black one although i sometimes use them both together on a night out or whatever i want massive lashes but on a day to day basis this is the one I tend to wear unless i can't find it. The brush i just love and unlike other mascara's i don't seem to get it everwhere and the mascara isn't so gloopy ot takes hours to dry like some other mascaras I've had in the past this really make my lashes look thicker and longer without them all sticky together so yeah I really like this so far.
I bought this product in a pound shop actually in my town center about a month ago when i was in desperate need of a powder and since i used collection 2000 foundation I thought i might as well give it ago. I love the powder the only problem being i would do it before you get dressed because i usually get it all over my clothes which isn't a good look aha but it dosen't stick to your foundation and make it look cakey it just get rids of any extra shine i may have on my skin if I'm having a terrible day with my skin and it is really oily I don't use the brush that came with it to apply the powder i use my big powder brush i bought from Primark I think about 2 years ago but i like this brush for applying my bronzer I havn't used much of this yet because as i said i only use powder on a r eally bad day but when it runs out i will definatly be paying full price for it which I'm not sure how much that is it's definatly less than £5 though so yeah yet again another collection 2000 product i would recommend to anyone wanting a different powder.

Before and after pictures Radience liquid foundation.

Before and after pictures i am aware on the second  one i look rather freaky and its not that good a picture but only one i could find on my laptop now my phone is broke.

Collection 2000 liquid radience foundation

Hey I thought the first review i would do was on my all time favourite foundation which is the collection 2000 radience liquid foundation and oh my god i love it i use this foundation everyday and I have for about maybe 6 months and it's great I think i costs about £4.20 in superdrug and it is really easy to blend and matches skin tones perfectly it gives a meduim coverage and i will post a photo above this showing the before and after. I have really oil skin and even when I wear this i dont need a powder it dosen't make my face look shiney at all.Basically I love it and would recomend it to anyone who wanted a inexpensive foundation.


I'm Nuala Mcneil and im 17 years old I'm a beauty student in South shields in the North east of England and wanted to start my own blog reviewing the makeup i use and also which my college uses on clients.